Our main goal is to make the process of buying a property in Greece an easy job. Therefore, we will provide you with our services from the very first step, until the moment you receive your keys.

We work with very high qualified, honest, reliable and committed professionals, and we will ensure you will be having the best services through the whole process.

You are buying a property in Greece. There are a lot of actors involved in the process until you finally have the property ready.

  • Property Finding
  • Purchase
  • Architecture
  • Property Management


Now that you have found the property and have dealt a good price, we will need to proceed with the completion.This in Greece involves lawyers, translators, and a Notary at the least. In some cases, you will also need technical experts, as architects and engineers.You will need then to open a bank account, register yourself at the foreign tax office, and do some administrative tasks before the signing. We will do it with you, and provide you with the best professionals in each case, who will deal with all relevant aspects, until the completion day comes. We will be with you to assist and translate and will supervise every step. Once you have signed and own the property, it comes the time to deal with Administration. Tax, property registry, utility contracts, etc. We will deal with all.



Our architectural team will proceed with the agreed project of renovation and will transform your property so it becomes what you have dream of. We work with the best professionals, with affordable prices, and we will make sure that you get what you have asked for.We will also assist you with interior design.


Property Management

Either case whether you have purchase the property as an investment, or would like to rent it out as a touristic property while you are not enjoying it yourself, we can manage your property so you can make the most of it. We will take care of all administrative and daily aspects of it, making sure you get not only an income, but your property its well taken care of.